• The condition of having paid work
  • the state of being employed or having a job; “they are looking for employment”; “he was in the employ of the city”
  • The action of giving work to someone
  • the act of giving someone a job
  • A person’s trade or profession
  • the occupation for which you are paid; “he is looking for employment”; “a lot of people are out of work”


  • a mutual expression of views (especially an unpleasant one); “they had a bitter exchange”
  • give to, and receive from, one another; “Would you change places with me?”; “We have been exchanging letters for a year”
  • An act of giving one thing and receiving another (esp. of the same type or value) in return
  • chemical process in which one atom or ion or group changes places with another
  • A visit or visits in which two people or groups from different countries stay with each other or do each other’s jobs
  • A short conversation; an argument


  • Vellore (வேலூர்), is a city and headquarters of Vellore district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The 142-year old municipality was crowned as largest Corporation (area wise) in Tamilnadu on August 2008.It is considered to be one of the oldest surviving cities in South India.
  • Vellore is a state assembly constituency in Tamil Nadu. Elections and winners in the constituency are listed below.

vellore employment exchange


Rock sculpture at Vellore

Vellore 002

Vellore 002
Vellore Fort, Vellore

vellore employment exchange


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